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PostPosted: Tue Jun 03, 2014 1:49 am 

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I've only ever tampered with basic modding (and unsuccessfully at that) but this particular variant seems like an interesting take on the old "Economy" chestnut. You can see the full variant description at, but I'll try to sumarrize the rules for anyone reading real quick.

Rather than each supply center supporting a single army or fleet, this variant instead assigns each land province an individual economic value. Every Fall turn these points are added to each player's treasury, which are then in turn used to pay for each player's armies and fleets. For example, at the beginning of the game France owns Pic(2), Bre(3), Bur(3), Par(3), Gas(2), and Mar(3), totaling 16 "Francs". If France does not gain any additional provinces, she will then have to pay for her armies and fleets for the following year: 4 Francs for every army, and 5 for every fleet, totaling 13 Francs per year. This means that a 3 Franc surplus will be added to the Treasury. Each province is captured as supply centers would be normally, i.e. provinces can only be captured during the fall turn. All players may make loans or give gifts of their respective currencies at any time. Loans can be paid back over time, or a player can demand a loan be repaid immediately. The value of the loan is then taken out of the affected player's Fall income. Victory is achieved when a single player has an income of 80 points every Fall turn.

A few special notes:
[*]Each player's Treasury is assigned to their capital in Winter 1900, and can be moved freely from there. If the province with the Treasury is captured, then the capturing player takes all the stored currency in the opponent's Treasury.
[*]StP has been split into two spaces. St. Petersburg acts as the normal home supply center, but Russia is also allowed to construct only Fleets at Archangel.
[*]Ireland is un-owned at game start.
[*]Armies and fleets can move between Naples and Sicily freely without convoy.
[*]Turkey's first 4 armies only cost 3 currency points to maintain. Then, each additional army costs 4 points to support as usual.
[*]Each country starts the game with an additional 3 currency points in their treasury.

So let's run a quick example. France begins the game with the bills on her armies and fleets paid off with a cool 3 Francs in the [s]banc[/s] bank already. England has expressed interest in securing its own nearby neutrals, and you plan on doing the same. Like in Classic Diplomacy you start with a F Bre, A Mar, A Par. You negotiate the typical bounce with Germany, issuing the orders A Par-Bur, A Mar-SSp, and F Bre-MAO. Nothing out of the ordinary occurs for Spring, and you continue with the fall movement; A Par-Bur, A SSp Hold, and F MAO-Por. You then capture Portugal and Southern Spain, which adds 5 to your initial income of 16. This brings your total treasury up to 24 when added to the three that were already there in 1900. At the Winter phase, you consider your options. Italy seems out of position, and with the additional points in North Africa it might be worth taking the fight to him. Your current forces require 13 points to maintain, meaning that after you pay for their 1902 campaign you are left with 11 points to loan out or purchase additional units with. You decide to pay for just one additional army, and hand out a small loan of three points to Austria who has already begun to butt heads with Turkey and Italy, saving 4 points in case something comes up before the next Winter phase...

...Eh? It would certainly make for a slower paced game sure, but one where the focus is on player provinces instead of all the neutral SCs. As I've said I haven't tried my hand at any serious modding yet so I don't know if it's possible to create differently valued units, or if there is a way to "store" points instead of having them directly support a unit. Actually implementing the loan system and assigning the treasury to a particular province would be a nightmare I imagine, but overall this variant provides an interesting twist on the Diplomacy formula while maintaining most of the typical player to player interactions.

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