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Author:  Angel Olivo [ Wed Sep 18, 2013 2:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Alliances

Hi everybody.
In this game, normally, there can be only a winner, but when we play face to face, we use alliances to make the game faster and more ... diplomatic.
The idea is that up to 3 players can make an alliance. (They are supossed not to atack each other) If any turn they control more than to 18 SC, they win. (Not just one player, but the whole alliance. For example, France10 and Germany 8, they win, even if Rusia controls 15)

An alliance has to be public declared and must be 2 turns old to claim victory,but can be broken at any time.
A player can have more than one alliance atthe same time
A player must control at least 3 SC to be in an alliance.

We find this very amusing, and i think it shouldn't be difficult to develope.

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